Through interactive exhibits and enlightening programs, Bartow History Museum illustrates the past and present of Georgia’s Bartow County.  Visitors can explore Cherokee and pioneer cabins, sit in a one-room school house, listen to historic voices, and much more.

Permanent Exhibitions

Bartow History Museum focuses on the settlement and development of Bartow County, Georgia, beginning in the early 19th century when the Cherokee still inhabited the area to 1950. Exhibits are broken up between home and industry within this time frame. “Home Life” themed exhibits include Cherokee and Early European settler life, Antebellum life and the Civil War,as well as turn of the century chores and schooling. The “Industry” themed exhibits include the early iron industry, early textile industry, agriculture, arts and crafts, local businesses, and community figures. Notable figures of Bartow County’s history are depicted throughout the museum exhibits.

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Feature Exhibit: “In Remembrance: Mourning Through the Ages 

Our next feature exhibit will take a look at the rituals and customs surrounding death.  In Remembrance: Mourning Through the Ages will take a look back at the customs of the area’s native population centuries ago and through the Victorian Period of the late 19th century to the customs of the mid-20th century.

Mourning, in the simplest sense, is grief over someone’s death, but the word also describes a set of cultural behaviors in which the bereaved participate or are expected to participate.  These customs vary between cultures and evolve over time.  The records and social rituals surrounding death are among history’s most important touchstones. In earlier times, a person’s only record of life may have been a death record, such as an obituary, a death certificate, or a tombstone.

Through stories, photographs, and objects this exhibit will examine tombstone symbols, memorials, death notices and images, and more.  The exhibit will open on Thursday, April 28th with a members’ preview and reception at 6:15 p.m., followed by an opening lecture at 7 p.m.

Exhibit is open from April 28, 2016 until November 1, 2016

Bartow in Pictures Exhibit: Winter


Each year we select 12 images from the thousands preserved in the archives of the museum to feature on our Bartow in Pictures wall. This year’s theme is “Winter,” and features images of the season around Bartow County. The photographs include scenes of children, structures and landscapes, and range from images of snowy days long ago to those of the Blizzard of ’93 and more recent snowstorms. Share your wintertime or snow stories with us while you are here!


Interactive Gallery


Step back in time and touch history by exploring Bartow County’s past through hands-on interactive activities.

  • Touch the belongings of Cherokee and early Pioneer families.
  • Experience the hardships of a Civil War soldier.
  • Listen to the stories of Bartow County history makers in an authentic 1940s telephone booth.
  • Shop at the General Store.
  • Work a shift in a textile mill.
  • Read a book at the old fashioned school desks.