Euharlee museum welcomes new director

 by:   Jason Lowrey The Daily Tribune  News
Katie Odom is the new director of the Euharlee History Museum. SKIP BUTLER/The Daily Tribune News

Katie Odom is the new director of the Euharlee  History Museum. SKIP BUTLER/The Daily Tribune News


After more than two months of searching, the  Euharlee Historical Society welcomed its new museum director, Katie Odom, during  a reception Dec. 4.
Odom has an MBA in Heritage Preservation from  Georgia State and an undergraduate certificate in public history from Kenesaw  State University. She has volunteered at the Bartow History Museum, the Root  House Museum in Marietta and has worked with Cobb Landmarks.
“I’m very  excited,” Odom said about directing the Euharlee History Museum. “This is a  wonderful town, a wonderful museum that we have here and I’m just excited to be  a part of it and take it to the next point.”
Taking the museum to the  next level and raising awareness of the museum are goals she shares with city  council member Sammy Carden, who worked with the EHS to find a museum director,  which is a city-funded position.
“The bottom line is it wasn’t being as  fully-staffed and as actively maintained as it ideally should be. I felt like if  we were going to have a museum it should be one that is a quality and an asset  to the community. It’s not that [the EHS] did a bad job, it’s just that they  weren’t specifically trained in the talents necessary to curate a museum,” he  said.
Jean Cowart, president of the EHS, said the group was “real  pleased” to have a director on board.
“All we’ve done is amateur,” she  said. “So if she can arrange it better, we’ll be glad to have that  happen.”
Odom was one of 30 applicants to the position, Carden said. That  list was later narrowed down to five candidates who were first interviewed by  City Manager Trish Sullivan and then the entire city council and a  representative from the EHS.
Odom said she was a little nervous about  being interviewed by so many people, but she thought her experience talking to  large groups while volunteering prepared her. She was more concerned that her  age, 25, could work against her.
Carden disagreed.
“Everybody  has to start somewhere. She’s not just completely green. She’s not green. She’s  done curation, she’s done the grant funding research, projects with museums  she’s worked with before. Age was not a deterrent,” he said.
Just a few  days into working as the museum director, Odom said she was eager to work with  the EHS and promote Euharlee’s history to the area and start working with local  schools.
“I’m looking forward to working with the members of the  community, especially members of the historical society, and developing a new  interpretive plan,” she said. “When I say new, [I mean] very closely related to  what we have already and just working toward … We’re just trying to take what  they have here and promote it to the community and outside of Euharlee and to  all of North Georgia. …
“It’s incredible to see a group of volunteers  like this, and like I experienced at Cobb Landmarks, [who] are incredibly  passionate. Both of those organizations started based on just people loving the  place where they lived and loving the history of it. It’s inspiring,  honestly.”
The Euharlee History Museum is open Tuesday through Saturday  10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday 1 to 5 p.m. Admission is free, and call  770-607-2017 for more information.

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