COVID-19 in Bartow County: Collecting local experiences from the 2020 coronavirus pandemic

The Bartow History Museum wants to ensure future generations remember and understand this time in our history. Will you help us?

If you have stories, photographs, drawings, diaries, or physical objects that chronicle life in Bartow County during the Covid-19 pandemic, please share them with us.

  • Experiences of healthcare providers, first responders, teachers, students, business owners, religious leaders, volunteers, restaurant workers, and others
  • Journal entries or personal reflections capturing feelings at the time of quarantine, of loss, of fear, or of finding joy in helping others
  • Photos of your favorite restaurant sitting empty, of your church sign announcing virtual services, of your kids learning from home, of a health care professional going to work, of a neighborhood or care facility car parade, etc.
  • Audio or video recordings of a virtual concert or family phone call over Zoom, etc.
  • A homemade banner or sign showing encouragement and support
  • A restaurant drive-thru open sign

These are just a few of the ways that you can help chronicle Covid-19 in Bartow County and contribute to the historical record.

Fill in the spaces below to add your experience to the historical record and upload your most memorable photos or videos. These collected items may become part of the museum’s permanent collection and used in future research, exhibits, or other ways to study and remember this experience.

Thank you for helping to preserve Bartow County history!

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    • Physical Objects

      If you have physical objects (signs, banners, face masks, etc.) you would like to offer for donation, please send a description and a photograph (if possible) of the item(s) to At this time the Bartow History Museum offices are closed to the public, but we will be in contact with you to set up a time to discuss your items.
    • Terms and Conditions

      The Bartow History Museum is collecting materials that document the experiences of families, individuals, businesses, health care professionals, and others during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. Please read the following guidelines before submitting your content.