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Tomorrow’s Treasures is a series of four, two-hour camps focusing on taking care of family heirlooms and passing on personal history from one generation to the next. Learn as individuals share tips on preservation, engage in workshop discussions, and participate in activities.

Monday, April 2nd – Antique Fabrics

Unsure of what to do with Grandpa’s uniform, mom’s wedding dress, or that old quilt or lace tablecloth sitting in the cedar chest? Tina Shadden, Museum Registrar, will show us how best to take care of the antique or vintage fabrics we have around the house.

Tuesday, April 3rd – Family Papers

From family Bibles, to old enlistment papers, newspaper clippings, or family love letters, our personal histories can be seen in ink and paper. Join Sandy Moore, Museum Archives Assistant, as she leads a discussion on the best ways to make sure these paper objects will last for years to come.

Wednesday, April 4th – Old Photographs

From portraits on the wall to boxes of old black and white snapshots and even the odd tintype or two, Mary Margaret Cornwell, Photography Curator at the Booth Western Art Museum, will speak on the best ways to preserve the timeless memories connected to family photography. Participants are encouraged to bring a single box of photos, photo album, or a handful of family snapshots.

Thursday, April 5th – Family Recipes

Have one of grandma’s old recipes but feel like it is missing a few steps? Don’t know your oleo from a pound of lard? Join Joshua Graham, Museum Program Manager, as he walks participants through the steps they can take to preserve traditional family recipes while updating them for the modern kitchen.

Member Adults: $15 plus tax per day, $60 plus tax for the week
Member Kids: Free
Adults: $25 plus tax per day, $75 plus tax for the week
Kids: $5.50 plus tax per day, $25 plus tax for the week

All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Adults without children are welcome.


To register for the week, please click here.

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