Cartersville-Bartow County Chamber hosts quarterly luncheon

by:   Monica Burge     Neighbor  Newspapers
May 07, 2013 11:45  AM | 389 views

Cartersville Mayor Matt Santini touted the  city’s most recent accomplishments during the first quarterly luncheon hosted by  the Cartersville-Bartow County Chamber of Commerce Monday.
Santini told a  sold-out crowd that the city has been committed to its mission of providing  dependable service while preserving quality of life for its citizens.
The  mayor said the city’s motto — Be charmed. Be prosperous. Belong. — has helped  drive efforts to improve the community for those who live in Cartersville, do  business in the area and those who pass through as visitors.
“There are  many great things about our community that make a great first impression and  also a lasting impression,” Santini said.
Santini said the addition of a  new public safety headquarters, a new fire station and the recently completed  Main Street Gateway project are benefits to the city’s improvement  efforts.
He also said the recycling program implemented in 2012 has been  a success, with about 1,600 participants who divert 7 percent of the city’s  household trash from the Bartow County Landfill.
Santini also said a  $300,000 grant allowed the city to upgrade lighting in some of its facilities,  which saves about $30,000 a year.
In addition to the services it  provides, Santini said the city has much to be proud of in what it offers the  community.
The city’s area museums, which include the Booth Western Art  Museum, Tellus Science Museum and the Bartow History Museum, have attracted  about 1.3 million visitors, Santini said.
The conference center has  brought in 180,000 visitors; last year alone there were 60,000 he  said.
Santini said the economic impact of those visitors is some $2.8  million.
Santini also highlighted the accomplishments of the city’s  school system, noting in particular Cartersville High School and its silver  ranking by U.S. News and World Report.
“Schools are an important part of  the city of Cartersville,” Santini said.  “We all know that a strong school  system and a quality education is an important part of economic  development.”
Santini said the city’s “thriving” downtown district has  helped attract new businesses as well as sustain established ones.
He  said community programs such as the Citizens Academy and the Habitat Program,  which is partnered with Habitat for Humanity, have been successful and give a  sense of belonging to citizens.
Santini said the city continues to build  upon its success.
“Cartersville continues to be a place where you can be  charmed, be prosperous and belong,” Santini said.
Parnick Jennings, who  is part of the committee that organized the luncheon, said the plan is to have  the event every quarter to inform the community about what goes on in Bartow  County.
Commissioner Steve Taylor will give a state of the county address  at the planned quarterly luncheon in August.

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