Field Trips

School Field Trips

Call 770-387-3849 to register for a field trip at Bartow History Museum!

These Field Trip options include a trip to both the Bartow History Museum and The Grand Theatre!

The costs for these programs are:

Students: $8.00

Parents/Chaperones: $4.00

Bartow, Cherokee & Forsyth County Students: $7.00

(Min. of 15 and Max. of 120 students per 2-hour session) 

Map Happenings First Grade
At the Bartow History Museum, discover the importance of maps through games and hands-on activities that teach directions, map symbols, and other map skills. Explore the area’s history using your own museum map! At The Grand Theatre, enjoy audience participation as we take a trip to all seven continents through music and visual images. Play maracas in South America and go on a crocodile hunt in Australia. GPS: SS1G2, SS1G3, SS1CG1, ELACC1SL1, ELACC1SL2, ELACC1SL3,

Cherokee Life & Legends– Second  Grade
Examine the lives of Cherokee through the Cherokee exhibit, artifacts, playing Cherokee games, and blowgun demonstrations at the Bartow History Museum. The Grand Theatre stage will come alive with the constellations that tell about Cherokee culture. Students will hear myths and legends linked to the stars.  GPS: SS2H1, SS2H2, SS2G2, ELACC4RL9, ELACC2RL2, ELACC2RL6, ELACC2SL1, ELACC2SL2, ELACC2SL3

Freedom 101- Third Grade
At The Grand Theatre, students will travel back in time to interview nine key historic figures who made strides in freedom – Paul Revere, Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglass, President and Eleanor Roosevelt, Mary McLeod Bethune, President Johnson, Thurgood Marshall and Cesar Chavez.  At the Bartow History Museum, students will be immersed in the lives of Susan B. Anthony, and Cesar Chavez with protest parades and boycotts! GPS: SS3H2, SS3CG2, SS3G2, K-5 EU, ELACC3SL2, ELACC3SL3

Naive American Cultures- Fourth Grade
Compare and contrast the myths, legends, and cultures of the Inuit, Kwakiutl, Nez Perce, Pawnee, Hopi, and Seminole tribes at The Grand Theatre. Learn a Hopi dance and watch your friends take the stage to act out a legend. Compare the lives, housing, hunting and cultures of the Cherokee and Pawnee with artifacts, presentations and exhibits at the Bartow History Museum. GPS: SS4H1, ELACC4RL9, ELACC4SL3

Pioneer Pathways – First and Fourth Grade
Travel back in time to visit early settlers in the Bartow History Museum’s pioneer exhibit. Relive the slate and quill pen lessons in our one-room schoolhouse. At The Grand Theatre, compare and contrast the lives of the New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Southern colonists through music that reflects their various heritages and livelihoods.  GPS: SS1H1, SS4H3, ELACC1SL1, ELACC1SL2, ELACC1SL3, ELACC4SL3

Homefront, Battlefront- Fifth Grade
At the Bartow History Museum, explore the lives of the men, women, and children who lived during World War II by learning about rationing and Victory Gardens by listening to an interview with a veteran of the era. At The Grand Theatre, learn the lingo, jingles, and songs that kept troops’ spirits up during WWII. Find out how entertainers and everyday citizens pulled together to support the war effort.  GPS: SS5H4, SS5H5, SS5H6, SS5E1, ELACC5SL3

Bartow History Museum & Booth Western Art Museum

The Union Dissolved– American Presidents and the Civil War
2 Hours($6 for students, $8.00 for parents)
From the Founding Fathers to Fort Sumter to Appomattox Court House, explore the Presidents, underlying causes, and major battles of the tragedy that was the Civil War. Through guided activities in the Presidential and Civil War galleries, exploration of Civil War camp life and a hands-on art activity, students become eyewitnesses to the unfolding drama that threatened to tear the nation apart. This program takes place at the Booth Western Art Museum and is jointly taught by the Bartow History Museum. A complete Teacher’s Guide with integrated activities is available when this program is booked.


2016 Special Programs at the Bartow History Museum
Students: $5.00
Parents/Chaperones: $4.00
Bartow, Cherokee and Forsyth students: $4.00
(15 and Max of 90 students per 90 minute session)

Down on the Farm – Kindergarten

In this interactive and hands-on program, students will learn what it was like to live on a farm 100 to 150 years ago. Students will handle farm artifacts, compare chores today with those of farm children long ago, hand-wash clothes, participate in fun farm activities, and churn butter!  GPS: SSKH3, SSKE1, ELACCKSL1, ELACCKL2, ELACCKL3