Museum programming and field trips are great ways to supplement learning! The Bartow History Museum, in conjunction with our partners, Booth Western Art Museum and the Grand Theatre, offers fun and engaging homeschool programs to support a variety of curriculum

Bartow History Museum

Great War / Great Depression – Fifth Grade

Learn about the sinking of the RMS Lusitania and other causes of WWI, about fighting on the Western Front, diversity in war, and war remembrance. Explore cultural changes in the postwar era, learn how to do the Charleston, and participate in a decision-making activity highlighting difficult choices during the Great Depression.

Exploring the Archives – Sixth – Twelfth Grades

Take a tour of the Mulinix Research Center at the Bartow History Museum to learn about the variety of resources available in the archives, how they are cared for, and how the public can access them. Learn proper handling of materials and tips for using primary sources. Time to explore the museum independently is included in the program.

Sense of Place – All Grades 

Experience the history of Bartow County on this guided tour through the permanent exhibitions of the Bartow History Museum. Discover local connections to larger historic themes starting at the time of the Cherokee habitation in the 1800s, up to the modern day. This tour is suitable for all grade levels/ages.

Bartow History Museum and The Grand Theatre

Hello Mr. Conductor! – Pre-K  & Kindergarten

Through songs, games, and crafts, we will take an imaginary train journey. This experience offers a great introduction to museums, theaters, and being a great public citizen.

Map Happenings – First Grade

Learn about cardinal and intermediate directions, map symbols, and how to use a compass. Hunt for treasure in an interactive map activity.

Homefront, Battlefront – Fifth Grade

Explore the lives of the men, women, and children who lived during World War II. Hear Franklin D. Roosevelt address the nation and a Bartow County WWII veteran’s account of the battle of Iwo Jima. Discover ration books, victory gardens, 1940’s lingo, and propaganda before participating in a rationing activity.

Bartow History Museum and Booth Western Art Museum 

Cherokee Cultures From East to West – Second Grade

Must be booked through the Booth Museum. Click here to book. 

Experience and discuss Cherokee home life in Georgia, Sequoyah and the development of the Cherokee syllabary, and the move west on the Trail of Tears.

Civil War: Union Dissolved – Fourth Grade

Must be booked through the Booth Museum. Click here to book. 

Learn about the causes of the Civil War; Compare and contrast the Northern and Southern economies and social structure; Learn about the Battle of Atlanta and Sherman’s March to the Sea; Explore life in a military camp; See a Civil War medicine demonstration.

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