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Located at 4 East Church Street in downtown Cartersville, Georgia, the museum chronicles over 200 years of northwest Georgia’s Bartow County history. It vividly tells the story of settlement, Cherokee life, removal, Civil War strife, and past lifestyles through artifacts, photos, documents, and interactive exhibits.

Active in providing educational opportunities for adults, children, families, and school groups, the Bartow History Museum offers an extensive research library and archives. This valuable resource includes photographs, documents, newspapers, rare books, genealogy records, oral history interviews, and more, all readily available for exploration.

Contact Info

Trey Gaines
Email: treyg@bartowhistorymuseum.org
Phone: 770-382-3818 ext. 7351

Programs Manager:
Jordan Duncan
Email: jordand@bartowhistorymuseum.org
Phone: 770-382-3818 ext. 7352

Education Support:
Maddy Long
Email: maddyl@bartowhistorymuseum.org
Phone: 770-382-3818 ext. 7364

Education Support:
Kathryn Graham
Email: kathryng@bartowhistorymuseum.org
Phone: 770-382-3818 ext. 7365

Sarah Strickland
Email: sarahs@bartowhistorymuseum.org
Phone: 770-382-3818 ext. 7355

Archives Assistant:
Sandy Moore
Email: sandym@bartowhistorymuseum.org
Phone: 770-382-3818 ext. 7353

Marketing Manager:
Angelica Carver
Email: angelicac@bartowhistorymuseum.org
Phone: 770-382-3818 ext. 7356

Guest Services Manager:
Pat Taff
Email: patt@bartowhistorymuseum.org
Phone: 770-387-2774

Membership Manager:
Rebecca Rhodes
Email: rebeccar@bartowhistorymuseum.org
Phone: 770-387-2774

Guest Services Assistant:
Marie Purser
Email: mariep@bartowhistorymuseum.org
Phone: 770-387-2774

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In compliance with the Transparency in Coverage Rule, Bartow History Museum is providing the following information: Anthem creates and publishes Machine-Readable Files (MRF) on behalf of Bartow History Museum. To link to the MRF, please click on the URL provided: https://www.anthem.com/machine-readable-file/search