Donating to the Collection

The Bartow History Museum welcomes donations of documents, photographs, and objects to its permanent collection. The museum collection includes a variety of heirloom objects, including vintage and antique furniture, cookware, household goods, locally manufactured products, local crafts, tools, toys, and other objects that illustrate the history of Bartow County. All objects or items donated to the Museum are reviewed by a collections committee following the criteria listed below:

  • items must be in good to fair condition
  • items must have a solid connection to life in and the history of Bartow County’s residents, places, and events
  • the museum must have available space to store, and resources to care for the item

After an item has been reviewed and accepted for donation to the Museum’s collection, a Deed of Gift form will be mailed to the donor for the donor’s signature. Once an item has been donated with a Deed of Gift signed, the item then legally belongs to the Bartow History Museum and cannot be returned to the donor.

Donations of items to the Museum, a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization, are tax deductible as allowed by law. In compliance with the Internal Revenue Service, Museum staff cannot appraise donations for tax purposes. We suggest you contact an appraiser through the International Society of Appraisers at (206) 241-0359 or at

Items donated to the Museum are not always put on display immediately. Items must be documented, researched, and prepared for exhibit. Not all items will be used in permanent displays, but may be used in special or feature exhibits and for research purposes.

We encourage you to consider donating your historic documents, photographs, and objects to the Bartow History Museum where they can be preserved and used to educate others in the future. Please call (770) 382-3818 ext. 7355  or email to discuss potential donations.