Field Trips

Field Trips are an excellent opportunity to expand the learning experience outside the classroom. In conjunction with The Grand Theatre and Booth Western Art Museum, we offer a variety of fun and engaging programs to meet your instructional needs.  A field trip can be combined with a visit to the Bartow History Museum gift shop.  The gift shop offers a variety of educational materials and souvenirs.   Click here to see a list of examples.  With advance notice, a free lunch space can be reserved for groups wishing to bring a sack lunch.  A catered lunch is available upon advance request.

To make a reservation, email or call 770-382-3818, Ext.6288.

Bartow History Museum

  • World War I and the Great Depression – Fifth Grade
  • Exploring the Archives – Sixth – Twelfth Grades

Bartow History Museum and The Grand Theatre

  • Hello Mr. Conductor! – Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten
  • Map Happenings! – First Grade
  • European Explorers and American Indian Cultures – Third Grade
  • Freedom 101 – Fourth Grade
  • Homefront, Battlefront – Fifth Grade

Bartow History Museum and the Booth Western Art Museum

  • Cherokee Culture from East to West – Second Grade
  • The American Indian Experience – Cherokee focus collaboration with the Booth and Etowah Indian Mounds – Eighth Grade
  • Civil War:  the Union Dissolved – Fourth Grade
  • Civil War:  The Union Dissolved – Eighth Grade

Online Adventures

Can’t bring your students to the museum?  Try one of our new Online Adventures.

To make a reservation, email or call 770-382-3818, Ext.6288.

Bartow History Museum

Map it! – First Grade
The Life of the Cherokee – Second Grade
Colonial Life – Third Grade
Hernando de Soto, European Explorers, and the Eastern Woodland American Indians – Third Grade
Civil War:  Fire and Fury – Fourth Grade
Fights for American Freedoms – Fourth Grade
WWI and the Great Depression – Fifth Grade
WWII at Home and the Front – Fifth Grade
Working With Primary Sources – Sixth – Twelfth Grades


Below is the 2020 – 2021 program guide.  Simply click on it to open the guide and begin looking at the programs.