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Virtual Experiences


Dr. Clarissa Myrick-Harris – Movement…


Matthew Gramling – Pox and Pig Iron


Robert Jones –  30 Most Influential Women in Georgia History.


Valerie Coleman – Discusses the History Of  Noble Hill Wheeler.


Lisa Russell discusses her book, Lost Mill Towns of North Georgia


Paige Jennings – The History of Oak Hill Cemetery


The 150th Anniversary of the 1869 Courthouse


Stephen Davies – Stephen discusses his book, 100 Significant Civil War Photographs (1/20)

 Dr. Clarissa Myrick-Harris – Get to know the speaker.


Matthew Gramling – Hear from the speaker.


Robert Jones – Get to know the speaker.


Valerie Coleman – Get to know the speaker.


Lisa Russell – Get to know the author (7/20)


Paige Jennings – 4 Way Stop ( May 2020)


Trey Gaines – Get to know the speaker (1/20)