b'Field TripsBartow History Museum and Booth Western Art MuseumFor prices, questions,and to make a reservation please visithttps://boothmuseum.org/schools/Unless noted, each program is approximately 2 hours in length.Please note there is a 10 student minimum for guided programs.$6.00 for students (4-17 years of age) or student with ID$5.00 for Bartow, Cherokee & Forsyth County students (except for Civil War:The Union Dissolved, Cherokee Cultures and STEAM)$7.00 for students (4-17 years of age) Civil War: The Union Dissolvedprogram, STEAM program, Cherokee Cultures East to West$10.00 + tax for parents/chaperonesParents/ chaperones who are Booth Museum Members - FreeClassroom teachers and bus drivers with system identification - FreeCherokee Culture From East to West - Grade 2Join the Bartow History Museum and Booth Museum in this joint program thatexplores Cherokee culture in our region and the dislocation of the EasternWoodland tribe out West.Experience and discuss Cherokee home life inGeorgia, Sequoyah and the development of the Cherokee syllabary, and themove west on the Trail of Tears. Interactive stations include a weavingstation focusing on native Georgia plant materials, packing and preparing forthe long journey to Oklahoma, and a visit to Sagebrush Ranch (interactive playspace).(Contingent upon social distancing guidelines, Sagebrush Ranch maybe closed.)Supports GSE SS standards in history, geography and economics; ELA; VAstandards. See website for complete list.The American Indian ExperienceCherokee focus collaboration with theBooth & Etowah Indian Mounds - Grade 8Subject to availability. 5 hours - Ask for pricingExplore Cherokee life before and after the Trail of Tears through museum artand artifacts; learn about the removal of the Cherokee, discuss the Right ofDiscovery, trade culture, Dahlonega Gold Rush, land lotteries, and more in thisinteractive program. SS8H1, SS8H4b, SS8H4c, SS8H4d, SS8H4e, SS8G1a, SS8G1c, VA8.CN.1'