b'Field TripsBartow History Museum To book a program, email programs@bartowhistorymuseurm.orgor call 770-382-3818 ext. 6288.Recorded versions of these programs can be arranged for classroomviewing.Unless noted, each program is approximately 2 hours in length.There is a 10 student minimum for guided programs.$5.00 for students$4.00 for Bartow, Cherokee & Forsyth County students$5.00 for students in Home School Groups (3 - 17 years of age)Homeschool siblings under 3 years old - Free$5.00 plus tax for parents/chaperonesIf parent or chaperone is a Bartow History Museum member - FreeEducators and bus drivers with system identification - Free For more information, call 770-382-3818, Ext. 6288.World War I and the Great Depression - Grade 5Students explore the lead up to, the experience of, and the aftermath of the GreatWar up through the Great Depression.Students will learn about the sinking of theR.M.S. Lusitania, find out about the Western front, and experience how a Georgiawoman made poppies a key symbol of the wars remembrance.Additionally,students will be able to act out how a diverse group of people were able topositively impact the war effort, and dance and sing through some of the culturalchanges in the post-war era.While touring the museum, students will take part ina math game highlighting choices in the Great Depression.SS5H1, SS5H2, SS5H3, MGSE5.NBT.1, MGSE5.NBT.7, MGSE5.NF.6Exploring the Archives - Grades 6 - 12Tour the Bartow History Museum Archives and see a variety of primary resourcesavailable for research, how museum professionals care for them, and how thepublic can research and learn from them.Museum educators will demonstrateproper handling of archival primary materials and give students tips and tricks forusing primary sources to research while answering student questions.Using ourcollection of Civil War letters, museum educators will demonstrate how to usearchival resources.L6-8RHSS1, L6-8RHSS2, L6-8RHSS4, L6-8RHSS5, L6-8RHSS6, L6L6-8RHSS9,-8RHSS8, L9-10RHSS2, L9-10RHSS4, L9-10RHSS5, L9-10RHSS7, L11-12RHSS2, L11-12RHSS4, L11-12RHSS5, L11-12RHSS8, L11-12RHSS9'