b'Online AdventuresThe Bartow History MuseumFights for American Freedoms - Grade 4Pre-Visit Video:Explore the motivations of the Framers of the Constitution, whatrepresentation is, and why it matters. Educator Chat:Meet the Suffragettes, have students interview them, anddiscuss Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Sojourner Truth.Post-Visit Video:Learn about the connections between the Bureau ofRefugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands (Freedmens Bureau),Reconstruction, and Jim Crow laws, and see examples of how those Jim Crowlaws inspired individuals to use their representative democracy to enact changeduring the Civil rights movement.SS4H1, SS4H2, SS4H4, SS4CG2, SS4H6WWI and the Great Depression - Grade 5Pre-Visit Video:Students will see the melting pot that made up the armies ofWWI, how average Americans contributed to the war effort, and howunintentional consequences of the war led to changes in art and culture. Educator Chat:A museum educator will discuss the sinking of the RMSLusitania, the impact of The Great War, and lead an activity based around the poem Flanders Field that shows how a Georgia woman lead the effort to makethe poppy the symbol of WWI remembrance.Post-Visit Video:Museum educators will explain how the post-war era turnedinto the Great Depression, and lead a math activity to illustrate the impact.SS5H1, SS5H2, SS5H3WWII at Home and the Front - Grade 5Pre-Visit Video:Hear a radio recording announcing the bombing of PearlHarbor, and learn about mass meetings and propaganda.Educator Chat:A Museum educator will present experiences of individuals thatlived in the WWII era, show artifacts from the museum collection, and answerstudent questions.Post-Visit Video:Find out about the power of American citizens at home, andsee their contribution to the war effort. Students will see Victory Gardens,war bonds, and will be lead in a fun rationing activity.SS5H4, SS5H5, SS5H6, SS5H4, SS5H5, SS5H6, ELACC5SL1, ELACC5SL2,ELACC5SL3'