b'Field TripsBartow History Museum World War I and the Great Depression - Fifth GradeNEWStudents explore the lead up to, the experience of, and the aftermath of theGreat War up until the Great Depression. Students will learn about thesinking of the R.M.S. Lusitania, find out about the Western front, andexperience how a Georgia woman made poppies a key symbol of the warsremembrance. Additionally students will be able to act out how a diversegroup of people were able to positively impact the war effort and dance andsing through some of the cultural changes in the post-war era. While touringthe museum, students will take part in a math game highlighting choices inthe Great Depression.SS5H1, SS5H2, SS5H3, MGSE5.NBT.1, MGSE5.NBT.7, MGSE5.NF.6'