Field Trips For more information or to make a reservation, call 770-387-3849. Lasts approximately 2 hours. Minimum 10 students and maximum 120. Larger groups, please contact reservations. $6 for students. $8 plus tax for parents/chaperones. Teachers, paraprofessionals, and bus drivers are free. Cherokee Culture from East to West - NEW! - Second Grade Join the Bartow History Museum and Booth Museum in this NEW joint program that explores Cherokee culture from Pre-European contact to the dislocation of the Eastern Woodland tribe out West. Students will experience Cherokee home life in Georgia, Sequoyah and the development of the Cherokee syllabary, and the move west on the Trail of Tears. Interactive stations include a weaving station focusing on native Georgia plant materials, packing and preparation for the long journey to Oklahoma, and a visit to Sagebrush Ranch (interactive play space). GSE: GSE SS2H1a, SS2H1b, SS2H2, SS2G2, SS2E1, SS2E2, VA2.CR.4, VA2.CN.1 Civil War: The Union Dissolved - Fourth Grade and Eighth Grade Explore the presidents, underlying causes, and major battles of the tragedy that was the Civil War. Through guided activities in the Presidential and Civil War galleries, handling artifacts, and engaging in a hands-on art activity, students become eyewitnesses to the unfolding drama that threatened to tear the nation apart and the resulting Reconstruction. The art activity is for 4th grade only. GSE: SS4H5b, SS4H5c, SS4H5d, SS4H5e; SS4E1b, SS4E1c; SS8H5a, SS8H5b, SS8H6a, SS8H6d, SS8H6e, VA4.CR.2, VA4.CR.3c, VA4.CN.1, VA4.CN.3 Bartow History Museum and Booth Western Art Museum