b'Educational PerformancesThe Grand TheatreFor more information or to make a reservation call, 770-386-7343, Ext. 2.$5.00 for students and parents/chaperones.Teachers, paraprofessionals, and busdrivers are free.Meet Dr. KingFebruary 4th, 2021 at 9:15 a.m. - Grades K - 5Bright Star Touring TheatreMeet Dr. King is a wonderful introduction to the life and work of one of Americasmost influential men.This show is perfect for younger audiences, serving tointroduce students to major concepts of Black History like freedom, integration andequality.Meet Dr. King helps young people begin to understand the importance ofDr. King and the Civil Rights Movement.Follow along as the play takes us from Dr.Kings life as just a young boy experiencing racism for the first time, to meeting hiswife, Coretta, to becoming a pastor and finally a national inspiration.StandardsStudy GuideAliens Alive! (Science, Music, Math, STEAM)March 23rd, 2021 at 9:15am -Grades K - 3The Story ShipWhile reporting live, The Story Ships science reporter, Sarah, is kidnapped by aliensand trapped on a space ship bound for the outer regions of our solar system! Audience volunteers must quickly form a Rescue Team and use magic, dance andmusic to get her back.The audience helps to unravel a celestial musical message.Each Alien communication gives us clues as to the Aliens location and how torescue Sarah.This show is highly interactive with audience participation everyminute to two minutes with kids helping with magic tricks, singing, dancing, andnavigating the rescue rocket through an interactive game.Standards/Study Guide'