b'Field TripsBartow History Museum and Booth Western Art Museum For prices, questions,and to make a reservation please visithttps://boothmuseum.org/schools/ Cherokee Culture From East to West - Second GradeJoin the Bartow History Museum and Booth Museum in this joint programthat explores Cherokee culture from Pre-European contact to the dislocationof the Eastern Woodland tribe out West. Experience and discuss Cherokeehome life in Georgia, Sequoyah, and the development of the Cherokeesyllabary, and the move west on the Trail of Tears. Interactive stationsinclude a weaving stating focusing on native Georgia plant materials,packing and preparing for the long journey to Oklahoma, and a visit toSagebrush Ranch (interactive play space).SS2H1a, SS2H1b, SS2H2, SS2G2, SS2E1, SS2E2, VA2.CR.4, VA2.CN.1,VA2.CN.2, VA2.CN.3, VA2.RE.1, ELAGSE2SL1, ELAGSE2SL2,ELAGSE2SL3 Civil War: the Union Dissolved- Fourth Grade,Eighth GradePresented jointly with the Bartow History Museum. Inquiry-based learningand artifacts bring the Civil War to life for students through guided activitiesin the Presidential and Civil War galleries.A hands-on art project (AfricanAmerican story quilt squares) is included for 4th grade; Reconstruction ishighlighted for 8th grade.Highlights: Causes of the Civil War, The Battle ofAtlanta, Shermans March to the Sea, Northern and the Southerneconomies, social structure, medicine, and camp life.SS4H5b, SS4H5c; SS4H5d, SS4H5e; SS4E1b, SS4E1c; SS8H5a, SS8H5b,SS8H6a, SS8H6d, SS8H6e; ELAGSE4RL1, ELAGSE4RI1, ELAGSE4RI2,ELAGSE4RI3, ELAGSE4RI5, ELAGSE4RI7, ELAGSE4W7, ELAGSE4W8,ELAGSE4SL1a; ELAGSE8RL1, ELAGSE8RL2, ELAGSE8RI1,ELAGSE8W7, ELAGSE8SL1, ELAGSE8SL4; VA4.CR.2, VA4.CR.3c,VA4.CR.5, VA4.CN.1, VA4.CN.3'