b'Online AdventuresThe Bartow History MuseumWorking With Primary Sources - Grades 6 - 12 Pre-Visit Video:Have a tour of the Bartow History Museum Archives.See the types of primary resources available, how museum professionals carefor them, and how the public can research and learn from them. Educator Chat:Museum educators will demonstrate proper handling of archivalprimary materials and give students tips and tricks for using primary sources toresearch while answering student questions. Post-Visit Video:Using our collection of Civil War letters, museum educatorswill demonstrate how to use archival resources.L6-8RHSS1, L6-8RHSS2, L6-8RHSS4, L6-8RHSS5,L6-8RHSS6, L6L6-8RHSS9, -8RHSS8, L9-10RHSS2, L9-10RHSS4,L9-10RHSS5, L9-10RHSS7, L11-12RHSS2, L11-12RHSS4, L11-12RHSS5,L11-12RHSS8, L11-12RHSS9'