b'Online AdventuresThe Bartow History MuseumColonial Life - Grade 3Pre-Visit Video:Learn about the New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Southerncolonies including Georgias position as the 13th colony. Educator Chat:Discuss the original colonies, and experience daily life in theSouthern colonies as you learn about farmers, women, children and servants.Make an old fashioned toy.Post-Visit Video:Discover Georgias connections to the Declaration ofIndependence.SS1H1, SS4H3, ELACC1SL1, ELACC1SL2, ELACC1SL3, ELACC4SL1,ELACC4SL2, ELACC4SL3Hernando de Soto, European Explorers, and the Eastern WoodlandAmerican Indians - Grade 3Pre-Visit Video:Follow Hernando de Sotos trip through the Southeast, thechallenges he faced, and the legacy he left behind.Educator Chat:Explore the similarities and differences between the homes andlife of Eastern Woodland American Indians and their Pioneer neighbors.Post-Visit Video:Talk about Scottish traders contact with the Cherokeepeople, how they got along, and the economic impact of the four types ofproductive resources.SS3H1, SS3H2, SS3G3, ELACC4RL9Civil War: Fire and Fury - Grade 4Pre-Visit Video:Discover the causes of the Civil War, and see how Georgiaresponded to the conflict in the early days of the war.Educator Chat:Explore a Civil War soldiers haversack and knapsack anddiscuss why their contents were so important. Discover the hardships of doctorsand nurses who cared for sick and wounded soldiers.Post-Visit Video:Museum educators will explain General William ShermansMarch to the Sea, the Battle of Allatoona Pass, the Battle of Atlanta, and how thefallout impacted Southern communities large and small.SS4H5, SS4E1, SS8H5, SS8H6'