b'Field TripsThe Grand TheatreFor more information or to make a reservation call, 770-386-7343. Ext. 4.For pricing and length of each program, please refer to the specific program.Behind the Scenes - Grades K - 12Our Behind the Scenes program is an a la carte offering that provides studentswith a deeper understanding of the elements that go into making theatrehappen.By nature, this program serves as a STEAM program, wherein wedemonstrate how the S, T, E, and M apply in the theatrical world (the A).Ourbase program includes:theatre history, a tour of our stage and technology,scene design, lighting design, and a Q&A.These topics will be adjusted to fityour age group.The base program lasts 90 minutes and costs $5 per student.Add-on pieces are available on topics including advanced scenic design,lighting, costuming, play-writing, stage makeup, and production.Please contactus at kristym@thegrandtheatre.org for a quote of additional fees and times forthese add-ons.The base program addresses the following standards: S4P1, S4P2, S5P2,TA4.CR.1, TA5.PR.2, TA6.PR.2, TA7.PR.2, TA8.PR.2, TAHSFT.PR.2a,TAHSMT.PR.2, TAHSTT.CR.1a, TAHSTT.PR.1a.'