b"Traveling TrunksBartow History MuseumCan't come to us? We'll come to you.We offer a wide range of trunksto fit multiple GSE standards. To make a reservation, call 770-382-3818, Ext. 6288.$50 per presentation within Bartow County/$60 outside Bartow County.$25 travel fee applies outside Bartow County.For more information, call 770-382-3818, Ext. 6288. Farm Life - Kindergarten, First GradeStudents will handle farm artifacts, compare chores today with those of farmchildren from a time long ago, hand-wash clothes, participate in fun farmactivities, and churn butter!GSE:SS5H1, SS5H2, SS5H3 Old Fashioned Toys and Games - Kindergarten, First GradeExplore toys and games spanning hundreds of years, make an old-fashioned spin top and play old-time games, such as Jacob's Ladder,dominoes, and cup and ball.GSE:SSKG1, SSKCG1, SSKCG2, SS1CG1, SS1E3 Colonial Life - First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade Experience daily life in the southern colonies as you learn about farmers,women, children, and servants. Make an old-fashioned toy and performchores from the past.GSE:SSKG2, SSKE3, SS1H1, SS1G1,SS2H1, SS3H3, SS4H1 Life of the Cherokee - Second Grade, Third GradeExamine artifacts, hear stories, and play games as you learn about the lifeof the Cherokee. Explore the similarities and differences between theCherokee and their pioneer neighbors. View a blowgun demonstration!GSE:SS2H1, SS2G2, SS3H1"