b'Field TripsBartow History Museum & The Grand TheatreTo make a reservation, email info@bartowhistorymuseum.org or call770-382-3818 ext. 6288.Recorded versions of these programs can be arranged forclassroom viewing.Unless noted, each program is approximately 2 hours in length.There is a 10 student minimum for guided programs. $8.00 for students$7.00 for Bartow, Cherokee, and Forsyth County students$8.00 for students in Home School Groups (3 -17 years of age)Homeschool siblings under 3 years old - Free$5.00 + tax for parents/chaperonesIf a parent or chaperone is a Bartow History Museum member - FreeEducators and bus drivers with system identification - FreeFor more information, call 770-382-3818, Ext. 6288.Hello Mr. Conductor! - Grades Pre-K - K90 minutesAs train conductors roll across America, they see so many interestingpeople and places.Through songs, games, and crafts, we will take animaginary journey where we explore some of those exciting encounters.This experience offers a great introduction to museums, theaters, and beinga great public citizen as well!SSKE1, SSKH2, SSKCG1, SSKCG2, ELAGSKRL7, ELAGSKRI2, ELAGSKL5,ESBB(4-5).PR.1, TAK.PR.1, TAK.RE.1, TAK.CR.1, VAK.CR.2, MGSEK.CC.4,MGSEK.CC.5Map Happenings - Grade 1Discover the importance of maps through games and hands-on-activitiesthat teach directions, map symbols, and other map skills.Enjoy audienceparticipation as we take a trip to all seven continents and explore whatmakes each one unique.Play maracas in South America, use your newmap skills to find the pirates treasure, and more.SS1G2,SS1G3, ELAGSE1RI4, ELAGSE1RI7, ELAGSE1SL2,ELAGSE1W8, ELAGSE1RL2, ELAGSE1RL3, ELAGSE1RI9, PE1.2,ESD1.PR.4, ESD1.RE.1, ESD1.CN.1, ESD1.CN.3, TA1.CR.1, TA1.PR.1,TA1.RE.1, TA1.CN.2'