b'Field TripsThe Grand TheatreFor more information or to make a reservation call, 770-386-7343. Ext. 4.For pricing and length of each program, please refer to the specific program. Behind the Scenes - Fourth Grade, Fifth Grade, Sixth Grade, SeventhGrade, Eighth Grade, and upIn this STEM/STEAM focused trip, take a tour of the historic theatre as youlearn how The Grand Theatre has been an integral part of our community andthe development of technology for the past 100 years. Prowl backstage, onstage, and up into the technical areas. Explore how theatre professionals uselight and sound science to create effects onstage.Approximately 60 minutes.Minimum 15 students and maximum 40.Larger groups, please contactreservations.$5 for students.$5 for parents/chaperones.Teachers, paraprofesionals, and bus drivers are free.GSE:S4P1, S4P2, S5P2, S8P5, SP4, TA4.CR.1, TA5.PR.2, TA6.PR.2,TA7.PR.2, TA8.PR.2, TAHSFT.PR.2a, TAHSMT.PR.2, TAHSTT.CR.1a,TAHSTT.PR.1a'