b'Field TripsBartow History Museum and Booth Western Art MuseumCivil War: The Union Dissolved-Grade 4 Presented jointly with the Booth Western Art Museum. Inquiry-basedlearning and artifacts bring the Civil War to life for students through guidedactivities in the Presidential and Civil War galleries.A hands-on art project(African American story quilt squares) is included. Highlights:Causes ofthe Civil War, The Battle of Atlanta, Shermans March to the Sea, Northernand the Southern economies, social structure, medicine, and camp life.Supports GSE SS standards in history and economics; ELA; VAstandards.See website for complete list. Civil War: The Union Dissolved- Grade 8Presented jointly with the Booth Museum.Inquiry-based learningand artifacts bring the Civil War to life for students through guided activitiespertaining to medicine, Reconstruction, and the causes of the Civil War inthe Presidential and Civil War galleries.See Primary Source documents a letter from each American President. SS8H5a, SS8H5b, SS8H6a, SS8H6d, SS8H6e; ELAGSE4RL1,ELAGSE4RI1, ELAGSE4RI2,ELAGSE8RL1, ELAGSE8RL2,ELAGSE8RI1, ELAGSE8W7, ELAGSE8SL1, ELAGSE8SL4; VA4.CR.2,VA4.CR.3c, VA4.CR.5, VA4.CN.1, VA4.CN.3'