Field Trips To make a reservation, call 770-382-3818, Ext. 6288. Each program is approximately 2 hours in length. Minimum 10 students and maximum 120. Larger groups, please contact reservations. $8 for students. $7 for students in Bartow, Cherokee, and Forsyth Counties. $4 plus tax for parents/chaperones. Teachers, paraprofessionals, and bus drivers are free. For more information, call 770-382-3818, Ext. 6288. Map Happenings - First Grade Discover the importance of maps through games and hands-on-activities that teach directions, map symbols, and other map skills. Enjoy audience participation as we take a trip to all seven continents through music and visual images. Play maracas in South America, go on a crocodile hunt in Australia, and use your new map skills to find the pirate’s treasure. GSE: SS1G2, SS1G3 Cherokee Life and Legends - Second Grade Examine the lives of the Cherokee Indians and their neighbors, the Creek, by visiting the museum’s Cherokee cabin exhibit. Students will hear Cherokee myths and legends linked to the stars, play Cherokee games, handle artifacts, see a blowgun demonstration, and see The Grand Theatre stage come to life with constellations. GSE: SS2H1, SS2H2, SS2G2, ELACC4RL9, ELACC2RL2, ELACC2RL6 European Explorers and Native American Cultures - Third Grade At The Grand Theatre, compare and contrast myths, legends, and culture of Native American groups from each region of the country, and see how they use their environment for food, clothing, shelter, and to inform their unique cultures. Learn a Hopi dance and watch your friends take the stage to act out a legend. At the Bartow History Museum, play games, and discover the different pathways and methods that Scottish traders and Hernando de Soto used in their early exploration of our country. GSE: SS3H1, SS3H2, SS3G3, ELACC4RL9 Bartow History Museum & The Grand Theatre