b"Online AdventuresThe Bartow History MuseumCan't bring your students to the museum?Try one of our new OnlineAdventures.To book a program, email programs@bartowhistorymuseurm.orgor call 770-382-3818 ext. 6288.Each Online Adventure contains:A lesson plan integration sheet.Pre-Visit and Post-Visit video links that can be posted to your classsvirtual blackboard.A live video chat (30-45 minutes) with museum educators who will leadstudent discussion on content and relevant artifacts via Zoom, MicrosoftTeams, or Google Meet.Some Online Adventures contain additional craft and project ideas. Price: $4.00 per student with a minimum charge of 10 students. Map It! - Grade 1 Pre-Visit Video:Museum Educators will introduce the cardinal and intermediatedirections, the compass rose, and map symbols.Educator Chat:Learn how a compass works and use the directions provided tomake your own treasure map.Post-Visit Video:Museum educators will show different types of maps andexplain their uses and functions. SS1G1, SS1G2, SS1CG2, SS3G2 The Life of the Cherokee - Grade 2Pre-Visit Video:Learn about the differences between the Creek and Cherokeepeople and discover where they lived in relation to present day Georgia. Educator Chat:Examine artifacts, hear stories, and play games as you learnabout the life of the Cherokee.Learn about Sequoyah, his Syllabary, and howhis young daughter, Ayoka, contributed to the Cherokee language.Post-Visit Video:Explore the similarities and differences between theCherokee and their Pioneer neighbors.SS2H1, SS2H2, SS2G2, SS2H1, ELACC4RL9, ELACC2RL2, ELACC2RL6"